NASA Found Real Hell in Space

NASA Found Real Hell in Space Clapway

Apparently we’ve been doing it all wrong. All this time, we’ve been looking at the sky to pray while shunning the earth below us as Satan’s chamber. No wonder our planet is so screwed. NASA has just unveiled a new rocky exoplanet  that resembles a lava world. Besides being a possible Hell in space, astronomers are excitedly looking forward to uncovering the planet’s secrets.


Using data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, researchers have found an exoplanet on the outside of our solar system. The odd thing about this planet is it’s two faced characteristics. One-half is entirely solid while the other half is drenched in a Hell-like molten lava. According to researchers, the conditions on the hot side are so extreme, that the atmosphere possibly evaporated. Temperatures on this side are estimated to reach 2500 degrees Celsius while temperatures on the cool side, about 1100 degrees. Looks like a perfect breeding ground for alien space hell demons.


NASA researchers have examined the planet, dubbing it 55 Cancri e. The planet orbits a sun-like star located about 40 light years away. In the Cancer constellation, NASA has mapped the conditions change throughout a complete orbit. This marks the first time such a feat has been observed on a small planet. 55 Cancri e is what they call a ‘super-Earth’. This particular super earth is about twice the size and eight times the mass of earth. It orbits its parents star so closely that year last just 18 hours. Considering how old you would get in a couple months, this truly does seem like Hell in space.


Cancri e certainly has its fair share of mysterious, but one, in particular, is baffling NASA researchers. It seems no one knows where exactly the “extra” heat from the planet is coming from. The observations reveal an unknown source of heat that is making that side of the planet hotter than expected. It can’t solely be from the irradiation of the star. For the time being, researchers will have to wait until the newest generation of space telescopes comes out. The burning of human souls has been known to get quite hot. Perhaps that is where the extra heat is coming from on this Hell Planet. See what kind of ideas humans come up with when there is no scientific answer?