Here is Why Tesla is Sexy and Nissan Leaf is Not

Here is Why Tesla is Sexy and Nissan Leaf is Not Clapway

Just by looking at a Tesla or Nissan should be enough to decide which one is sexier. However, looks aren’t all on the exterior. That’s what they say anyway. Apparently, it’s the inside that really matters. Yeah. Sure. The Model 3 is coming out in a matter of hours. Of course, it will be much sexier than it’s competitor the Nissan Leaf and here’s why.


Everyone knows that being cheap is the ultimate form of sex appeal. Ask any lady of the night on the Vegas Strip and they will surely agree with you. You can get sexy with big bucks, but why bother? No longer will electric car enthusiast have to settle for the Leaf. The latest Tesla Model 3 will be reasonably priced at $35,000. That alone makes it sexy. Besides that, just compare the names. Model 3 versus Nissan Leaf. When was the last time you thought a leaf was sexy? Ok, there might be some weirdos out there but it’s safe to say that a model is sexier than a leaf. That alone should close this case, but it goes on.


The Roadster was the first electric car released by Tesla in 2008. The wildly sexy beast of a car went from 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds. No matter what some may say, finishing fast is extremely sexy. The Nissan Leaf on the other hand? Not only does it look like some lame robot toy from Godzilla, but its acceleration is hardly worth noting. Some may say “acceleration isn’t what Nissan Leaf is all about, though!” Yeah, you’re right. It’s slow, therefore, it isn’t sexy. It will never be sexier than the Tesla Roadster. That’s ok, though, few things are.


What’s sexier than not having to do any work? Both cars will be offering up their own version of autonomous driving, but of course, Tesla will be sexing it up a bit more. Expect to see the Model 3 have features like automatic braking, blind spot warning and lane switching abilities. Also, autosteering, self-parallel park and traffic aware cruise control will all be part of the software updates on the Model 3. The ultimate sex feature will be the robotic valet. That’s right, you can summon your car just like Batman. If none of that sounds sexy to you, I hear Nissan Leaf has an adequate cruise control.