The 3 Most Ridiculous Apple Failures; Microsoft Laughed A Lot

The 3 Most Ridiculous Apple Failures; Microsoft Laughed A Lot Clapway

How soon we forget about some of the most ridiculous products made by the critically acclaimed technology company Apple. As good as they have been, and continue to be today, they have been known to create some head scratching products. I don’t think this ever bothered Microsoft, though, and I am sure that they were laughing at every single one of these three failures.


Raise your hand if you actually knew that Apple created a video game console? If you have your hand up then put it down because you know you didn’t! Anyway, way back in 1995 Apple indeed released a video game console named Pippin. However, due to its outrageous price at the time, $559, poor processor, and lack of games the Pippin was a commercial flop. Thankfully, Microsoft showed them how to make a real video game console when they released the Xbox.


Apparently, Apple thought it was a good idea to make a computer without a screen and sell it for $1,599. Now, back when they made this, in the early 2000’s, the world didn’t have the technology it does today. Still, this does not excuse this kind of price tag for a computer with no display. Funnily enough, the G4 Cube has actually received several awards. However, the only thing that Microsoft cared about was the fact that the sales never got off the ground.


Apple had a tremendous idea in 2006, and that was to release a stereo system for their iPod. They dubbed it the iPod Hi-Fi, but it was only two years later that they stopped mass production of it. This was mainly due to the unfair price of $349, as well as the fact that the sound quality left a lot to be desired. For a $349 stereo system, people expect the sound to be great and because it wasn’t, it ended up flopping. I can just imagine how the people at Microsoft reacted when they heard this device in action!