YouTube Makes Fun of Google Translate Again

YouTube Makes Fun of Google Translate Again Clapway

YouTube users are back at it again, as another user has exposed the weaknesses of Google Translate. Previously, Anthony Cerullo, a little over a month ago, created an article in which he showed how a YouTube user used this service for the song “Hello”, by Adele. The results were sketchy, to say the very least. Well, to further prove the point that Google Translate can’t properly translate lyrics, another YouTube user translated the song “From the First Time in Forever”, from the critically acclaimed Frozen.


To truly understand how awful Google Translate did when attempting to translate this song, I will share the worst interpretations of the video. This song from Frozen is a very well known song, but this version will completely eradicate your mind. One example is when the original song’s lyrics read “it’ll be totally strange”. However, apparently Google Translate thought that was, “it is a completely mystery”. Now, it’s understandable that this service is not perfect, but this is not even in the same city let alone ballpark. How did it top this, though? How about changing, “but wow, am I so ready for this change” too, “but the Celtics ready to change”.


YouTube and their users have successfully perfected the art of trolling Google Translate. I would say there is hope, but to be honest, this translating service is not even close. Of course, this is not the main point of this service anyway, and it was never trying to perfect this in the first place. Still, it’s really entertaining to watch it try! In case you are curious, on YouTube, there are several more versions of Google Translate singing, but they all end up failing. They are definitely worth you time, though.