Google Trends: 3 Things You Need to Know

Google Trends: 3 Things You Need to Know Clawpay

Google Trends is an absolutely amazing tool, and if you’re not enjoying its benefits then you should be. The world has been enjoying this service for many years now, and it allows you to do more than you might think. If you are very unfamiliar with Google Trends, then check out these three huge things that it can do.


What Google Trends allows outlets to do, like CNN is to see in real-time what people are associating with. So, in turn, this allows them to know what content is most popular at the moment. Then, they can start preparing editorials for all of the trending content. So, why should you care about this? Well, if you are a part of a business that is involved with journalism this can help essentially. There is no point to write about a topic that nobody is paying attention to.


Let’s say that you have no interest in editorials, you can use Google Trends for pure entertainment. For example, a fashion retailer in Norway, Miinto, actually used the service to create a nostalgia-based quiz. Basically, the quiz will enable their customers to be up to date with the latest trends in fashion. More data is continuously being collected by the company, as well.


Mindshare, years ago, took part in a project for Kleenex. Basically, one of the former employees said, the company used smart data sets to create an outdoor advertisement network that was based on searches for flu symptoms. At the end of the campaign, the former member stated that the company had raised 40% in sales. Sure, this may not interest you as an individual in the slightest. However, just like the first point, this is great if you are a part of a business.