Microsoft Skype AI is the Future; FaceTime is the Past?

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Microsoft has been experimenting with AI lately. While their Twitter bot “Tay” didn’t quite go as expected, the company’s latest project is showing some promise. Their updates to Skype, Cortana and artificial intelligence may change the future of FaceTime as we know it.


Microsoft has a vision for the future of communication. The conversation will be a platform. A foundation for how we act not just with each other, but with technology as well. They see language and AI working side by side. To do this, they’ll have to teach computers human language and conversations. In the future of conversation, there will be three types. People having natural conversations with one other, personal AI assistants who know people and then bots, who will  serve as new applications to talk with people. Microsoft seeks to do this with their Cortana development.


In other news, Skype is looking to mix AI into Skype chats. Expect the next generation of Skype to have Cortana in the right-hand corner for interaction. Cortana will chat with Bots in order to be an effective assistant and translate the ideas you’re discussing. For example, if Cortana notices your conversations are mentioning travel to a certain city, it will contact another Bot that will give you options to manage them. Users can try this new Skype client with bots on Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad. It’s just a preview at the moment, but it will allow developers to try it out and possibly add on to it. Meanwhile, FaceTime may become extinct.


MIcrosoft’s AI isn’t the only force that will challenge Facetime. Snapchat’s latest update takes aim as well. Snapchat’s update takes the best part of the face-to-face conversation. Users can now access photos, voice calls, voice notes, and have video chats all in one convenient package. Users can now even leave video notes to friends who are not available. As Snapchat improves, perhaps Microsoft will even force their new artificial technology upon them. For now, the future of Facetime is relatively safe. however, Facetime  users are dwindling as others offer up advancements in video communication.