Microsoft Xbox One Goes Free: Gamers are Happy

Microsoft Xbox One Goes Free: Gamers are Happy Clapway

Technology in video games has certainly come a long way since Pong, but one thing will always remain the same. Gamers love free games. Microsoft understands this logic and they have shown that by releasing free games on Xbox One Live this month.


April showers bring May flowers as well as a few free games for Microsoft Xbox One. Gamers had a chance to grab March’s selection before they were replaced by April’s latest collection, but those that missed out can still grab Sherlock Holmes:Crimes and Punishments. Gamers for both Xbox One and 360 can also get Borderlands for free. Other free games like Lords of the Fallen will not be switched until April 15th, so get it while you can. Supreme Commander 2 for Xbox 360 however, has already been removed. April is really what gamers should look forward to though as Microsoft has put together a strong showing.


Microsoft Xbox One owners will be quite satisfied with Aprils announcement. Earlier this week, Microsoft confined they had officially added Dead Space to their Backward Compatability program. They have also promised to make all games offered through Games with Gold available on Xbox One. Using XboxLive and a Gold subscription, gamers can now get The Wolf Among Us, Sunset Overdrive, and Saints Row IV on Xbox 360. The latter of that list will be available for download on new systems thanks to the new BC library.


For those unaware of what these new games offer, here is a little overview. The Wolf Among Us is a violent, and mature game from the developers of The Walking Dead game. Based on the Fables comic books, players can expect a brutal and bloody mess of gameplay. Also available will be Sunset Overdrive. Featuring an open-world environment, Sunset Overdrive is a unique shooter game with all kinds of crazy weapons and customizable abilities. These thrilling adventures are of course only made better by the fact you don’t need to pay.