Three Suns to be Found in Space

Three Suns to be Found in Space Clapway Clapway

It’s hard to argue against how cool our Sun is. It gives us warmth, beautiful splashes of color in the sky and more UV radiation than we can handle. As wonderful as that may be, imagine a sunset 40 times brighter than the one we have now. Then, add two more sunsets to that, giving us a total of three in one sky. No, this isn’t a fictional land like Tatooine. Astronomers have actually discovered a place in space with three suns.


The latest of four, three-star systems have been found by astronomers. The findings will help them gain some fresh knowledge of the evolution of these systems. These stars were found using the KELT. A pair telescopes in South Africa and Arizona. By using the transit method of finding exoplanets, astronomers were able to see the stars light as planets passed in front of them. The star system was actually found a way back in 1973, however, it is just now that they are realizing it’s a three-star system.


Looking at these three suns in space can give astronomers a lesson on the evolution of gas giants. Usually, gaseous planets the size of Jupiter are supposed to form much farther out from their planet star, much like our own Jupiter did. In this system, however, these gas giants are extremely close together. One theory is that they migrated due to hot encounters with the addition of Suns two and three. This three-star discovery has also made scientists rethink their ideas on planets forming in space. With three suns, the gravitational pulls compete with each other, thus changing the way a planet can form.


So what exactly would a sunset of three suns look like in space? Imagine one star 40 times as bright and large as our sun appearing in the sky. Then, add a pair of other stars that are as bright as a full moon on a clear night. From there, there the rest is left to your imagination. It seems every day, space is giving us new answers on how it was formed. Eventually, we’ll have just more than imagination to experience the wonders the universe can offer.