Medical LSD to be More Useful Than Medical Marijuana

Medical LSD to be More Useful Than Medical Marijuana Clapway

Look out medical marijuana because researchers may have discovered a better medicine, LSD. A new study was conducted, in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, by a group of researchers, and they may have found the key to helping people deal with depression. This key, the researchers found, is the use of psychedelic drugs. Basically, when people have a better connection to their brain’s DMN, default-mode network, they tend to live in the past more. As many know, this is a key behavior associated with depression, but researchers found that using LSD inhibits that connection.


What led researchers to take a study on this is they discovered that LSD can decrease DMN activity. So, a group of researchers gave several volunteers doses of LCD. Then, they sat down with their volunteers to find out how much the doses helped. They found that the volunteers who received doses of LSD used far fewer references to the past than those who didn’t take doses. In addition, this study found that this type of drug lessened the volunteers’ DMN activity. However, it is still unknown if this can be a long-term effect, but in the long run it may end up being more useful than another popular medical drug.


Per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are two main forms of cannabinoids from marijuana and they are CBD and THC. THC, according to the institution, helps with both nausea and appetite. It may, however, also help decrease muscle problems, inflammation, and pain. The other cannabinoid, CBD, is good with controlling seizures and even treating mental illnesses. As time goes on, more and more studies will be taken dealing with both marijuana and LSD. With the recent study on the latter, though, it may not be a bad idea to take it over medical marijuana.