Facebook is Finally Better Than Twitter Periscope

Facebook is Finally Better Than Twitter Periscope Clapway

Rumors have been floating around regarding Facebook’s entry into live video broadcasting. Those rumors have now become fact as the social media site released a new video feature to the public yesterday. While the verdict isn’t quite out yet, it’s expected to compete directly with YouTube and Twitter’s Periscope.


In the wake of Twitter’s live broadcasting feature, Facebook has now come out with their own version of the live video broadcast. Users on the social media platform can now search for recorded videos or live streams on the mobile app. Additionally, a video tab was added to Messenger, making it a new hub for finding videos of all qualities. The feature will be available on iOS and Android and will include a lot of upgrades. Facebook users can look forward to having live videos in Groups with family or friends, live videos in Events to broadcast a party, a Live Map of broadcasts around the world, Snapchat style doodles and a whole lot more. These upgrades not only compete with Twitter’s Periscope but might just put in leagues ahead.


Since launching in 2015, Twitter’s Periscope has enjoyed a short, but sweet time in the spotlight. Before Facebook’s latest entry into live broadcasting, Periscope was certainly the name in live mobile video broadcasting. Just last month they  had 200 million broadcast and 100 million since January. This success, however, will likely fade away. Zuckerberg’s social media platform will offer another platform for broadcasters and viewers to congregate. Considering how popular it already is around the world, it won’t take much to explode in growth.


Zuckerberg will be paying a small group of selected news outlets in order to cover their costs of broadcasting live video on Facebook instead of on their own websites where they can monetize using ads. These financial incentives will help kick start the feature and get everyone get set up on the new format. By reaching out and getting an early following of users, Zuckerberg hopes to rake in a good deal of live, high-quality video content. They have the money to do so, but Periscope will not go down easy. The internet is chock full of entertainment. If anyone wants to compete, they will need the best of the best. YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and others will be a tough hurdle to conquer, but we very well may see Zuckerberg conquer yet another part of the web.