Drugs for Pedophiles More Effective Than Marijuana for Autistic Kids?

Deadly Drugs

First, autistic children may be cured with marijuana and now, pedophiles may be cured with a cancer drug. Drugs are playing an increasingly important role in today’s society. Not just for recreational use, but medicinal as well. In addition, large strides in the perception of the ill are being made.


No, this doesn’t mean Sweden will be giving cancer to pedophiles. While many people would like that Sweden has come to a different conclusion for kid diddlers. In the U.S, pedophiles are met with the unforgiving, long arm of the law. Not to say that years in prison isn’t appropriate, but Sweden has realized these criminals need help. Researchers have been conducting a trial to see whether a certain cancer drug would stop pedophiles from their behavior. The drug in question is called Firmagon. It works by binding to brain receptors and blocking testosterone production to the testes. By measuring sexual arousal and empathy, researchers are able to see what effects Firmagon may have, if any.


Another example of controversial drugs helping the ill involves marijuana. A panel in Grand Rapids, MI has discussed the possibility of helping autistic children with the use of marijuana. Marijuana has been shown to have benefits. That being said, little research is out there for  its effect on autistic kids. Seeing as autistic children don’t have many options for a cure, the treatment is gaining popularity in some communities.


Not all drugs are good but certainly, not all drugs are bad either. Society can’t keep going around with this ancient perception of them. If marijuana is shown to help autistic kids, then we should embrace that treatment. If some cancer pill helps cure pedophiles, then let’s pursue it. Drug users are usually seen as defunct members of society. It is not the drugs that we need to worry about. It’s society as a whole. We need to educate society on the dangers and benefits of every drug. Only then will new doors open up. Who knows how many diseases could be prevented by allowing these experiments to carry on? Sweden is breaking some ground with their actions. Hopefully, the world follows in their path by helping society instead of punishing them.