Secret Alien Planet Found in our Solar System

Secret Alien Planet Found in our Solar System Clapway

Rumors of a secret alien planet on the edge of our solar system have been going around for a while now. These rumors are starting to take the shape of fact as astrophysicists continue to unravel larger coils of the mystery at hand.


Thanks to astrophysicists at the University of Bern, we now have a more solidified view of the alien satellite known as Planet 9. Estimates have its radius equal to 3.7 times that of Earth and a temperature of minus 226 Celcius. The Swiss scientists are well known for tracking the evolution of various planets. Using the James Webb Space Telescope, they were able to conclude the once alien like object is a small ice giant. Just under the size of familiar Uranus and Neptune. Aside from observing its exterior, the scientists have made some discoveries on the inside.


Scientists were able to find that despite its icy surface, Planet 9 is heated from the inside. By having a temperature of 226 degrees Celcius, that means that the satellites emission is controlled by the cooling of the core. Sunlight contributes to a very small amount of heat that was detected, indicating there is much more going on inside than can be seen. Aside from this fascinating discovery, researchers were able to find out why alien planets like this would be able to avoid detection for so long. Apparently, the devices we have in place were simply not designed to look for a planet like this, but by chance, it has been looking in the right direction.


NASA has also claimed that it’s far too early to say a new planet exists in our solar system. However, the clues are starting to show some evidence. NASA’s Cassini probe has been undergoing some stranger forces lately. The tugging is thought to be gravitational pull from a large object. Perhaps this is the same alien satellite that Swiss scientists are beginning to find. If it truly does exist, then it will be found. It’s just a matter of how soon.