Yahoo Set to Sink; is Gmail to Blame?

Yahoo Set to Sink; is Gmail to Blame Clapway

The tragic free fall of Yahoo continues as the company sees revenues drop to 16% and profits by more than 20%. Buyers are lining up at the gates in order to get any valuable pieces from the destruction. Even rival Google might want in on the action to further solidify Gmail as the top contender.


Bidders have been waiting for this free fall to finally come to an explosive end. Despite having prices plummet to $36.26 a share, business is eager to place a bid. It’s safe to say that Yahoo will not be bouncing back unless someone wants to put in the effort. The deeply troubled company has seen revenue disintegrate and more layoffs are just around the corner. By 2016, the company predicts their workforce to go down to 9,000 compared to 10,500 last year and 12,500 the year before that. Still, companies like Verizon, Google and Microsoft see some value in this destruction.


Gmail has been rivals with Yahoo for quite some time. It’s safe to say they have no interest in saving them from the inevitable, but they do see something worth saving. Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. are thinking about making an offer for the core web business of Yahoo. Microsoft, on the other hand, is trying to prevent this. They may be interested in helping finance a sale in order to preserve partnership with the failing company without giving up any ground to Google. However, perhaps a Google acquisition may not be so bad for Gmail.


If Google did acquire Yahoo, some good may come out of it. Besides an overall boost in morale for the company, the purchase would attract young talent that is already drawn to the ways of Google. That being said, the acquisition would probably benefit Google most in the markets. Search, ad networks, and email would no longer be a cause of concern for Gmail and they could continue their dominance in those regions. Regardless of what happens, it’s safe to say the confused search engine will continue their downward spiral and Gmail will remain on top.