Apple FaceTime Makes People Stupid

Apple FaceTime Makes People Stupid Clapway

Ideally, technology should help us become more intelligent. Unfortunately, it seems that some people are dead set in finding ways to prove that theory wrong. The latest example of this come in the form of one man’s romantic ambition. With Apple’s FaceTime as his muse, the man successfully sets humanity a few steps back.


The fact that this California man thought it was a good idea to propose over Apple Facetime should be enough to give away his level of intelligence. Maybe, just maybe, using Apple Facetime to propose would be appropriate if you were on the summit of Everest, but even then, it just doesn’t seem right. Well, this 600-foot rock in Morro, Bay, California is certainly no Everest. The location is known as a romantic spot for locals but now, a different reputation it shall hold.


In order to get to the spot of the proposal, the man in question deemed it necessary to blaze his own trail. Climbing isn’t allowed in this particular location, yet he decided to give it a try anyway. I’m not one for building suspense, so I’ll give it to you straight. He got stuck and needed rescue. Now, if he got that on Apple Facetime, that would be one thing, but no, he couldn’t even do that. Instead, the man was lifted high into the sky by a helicopter while his self-respect and reputation plummeted deeply below acceptable levels.


For one, if a sign says do not climb, danger, or any other warning type of instruction, it’s best to listen. If you’re a trained professional that’s one thing, but seeing the fate of this man, one can estimate he was an amateur at best. Additionally, please don’t propose with Apple Facetime, Facebook, Twitter or any other mode of social media. I’m hardly one to give any romantic advice, but I feel that a bended knee, a nice, flat surface and beautiful setting will probably do the trick. Hey, that’s just one lonely man’s opinion though. Don’t take my word for it. Please, go test the fate of poor intelligence. I need more stuff to write about anyway.