Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Help Marketers Dominate In 2016

Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Help Marketers Dominate In 2016 Clapway

Want to change the way you leverage social media for digital success this year? It’s time to evaluate your social media strategies, and differentiate great tactics from ones that have under-delivered. This evaluation is really important to come out with a unique social media strategy to rock the markets in 2016. There are a bunch of opportunities which can let you shine on the social media front. So let’s have a look at highly effective social media trends that will help you dominate the market in 2016.

Social Commerce

Facebook and Pinterest, the two most renowned social media brands have adopted the concept of social commerce. With the “buy” button offered by both of these platforms, advertisers can sell their products through social media. In a sponsored post on Facebook and Pinterest by any advertiser, people are able to see a “buy” button. So people interested in any of the advertised product can simply buy them through social media platforms. This trend is fresh and expected to be adopted by all the social media platforms by the end of 2016. This feature can really bring great conversions to the brands and transform social media platforms into commerce magnets.

Videos Marketing

In 2015, content was the king of social media and digital marketing strategies. But with the New Year rollicking ahead, video content is expected to witness substantial growth. To utilize the video trend perfectly in your marketing strategies, various types of videos can be used, for instance, explainer videos, educational videos and entertainment videos. It is up to you how you decide to put your social marketing ideas in videos and then present those to your audience. Relevant video content is a perfect attention grabber & will definitely help you shine through social media in 2016.

Automation of Social Media Marketing

Marketing Automation is another important trend evolving in social media landscapes. This term refers to software that let marketers advertise on several social media channels simultaneously. Marketing automation eliminates the need of repeating same marketing message over multiple social media channels. This saves your time and efforts while also offering your business some solid exposure on multiple social media channels. Hence, brace up to introduce some automation to your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Search

Now it is time for every business to get engaged in placing itself within the scope of social media search along search engines. Search engine results are more focused on textual content whereas people are more interested in finding pictorial results, videos and trusted reviews. So to meet their needs, users prefer social searches. Hence in order to grab more and more eyeballs, it has become important for businesses to acknowledge its importance and start working in the right direction to ride on the social search wave.

Digital Marketing

In spite of mushrooming of dozens of supposed growth hacking marketing landscapes, organic content continues to be counted as a priority for any web network looking to build strong presence over the web. Therefore, ensure you don’t fall back on SEO, after all, it is the vehicle that can take your website to places. Social content is becoming the first choice of search engines and thus social media posts, profiles, reviews etc. are getting more visibility on search results. Notice how while searching anything on Google you can observe several tweets or Facebook posts placed highly on the search result pages. Be prepared to see more social media platforms popping up on search engine results due to the freshness of content posted.

Mobile Friendliness

The evolution of smartphone, android and smart technologies have made mobile phones the primary usage device for almost all consumers of web content. Users are engrossed in indulging in social media platforms through their mobile devices. Stats unleashed at the end of 2015 showcase how desktop traffic has been overtaken by mobile traffic. And in 2016 it is fair enough to assume a greater surge in the numbers. No wonders, marketers consider it a must for to have a site or app compatible with mobile devices.

Customer Reviews

For a business, a customer’s review is an important asset because it arms the company with the capability to attract another prospect without investing any marketing or advertisement dollars. So it is important to keep track of your customers through various social media channels and encourage them to leave reviews for your product/services. Trusted reviews in turn enhance the credibility of a business, as people looking for any product or service never forget to take cues from existing reviews.

These are the critical social media trends that every CMO or digital marketing manager would do well to keep a track of.