UFO Caught on Camera by Yellowstone; NASA is Silent

UFO Caught on Camera by Yellowstone; NASA is Silent Clapway

Looking up into the sky at Yellowstone National Park you’ll notice countless stars, planes giving flight tours, and perhaps UFO. A webcam recently caught footage of an odd light over the park. UFO hunters will be quick to call this proof of alien existence, but scientists at NASA have yet to comment on the new footage.

UFO Over Yellowstone National Park

Videos of UFOs flying over Yellowstone have been popping up on Youtube more frequently. In 2014 numerous park visitors noticed a strange flying object over the Old Faithful geyser. Another video caught images of a bright light over hot springs in the park. NASA has made no comments about the two videos in question.

NASA and the Latest Sighting

The latest footage released is the second sighting of a UFO in the last two months at Yellowstone National Park. The video, which was captured by a webcam depicts a light floating towards the top of the screen. An object then drops away from the light, emitting a beam of light on its way down. The second object then begins to glow. UFO hunters speculate that heavy UFO activity in the skies is followed by a natural disaster. It can be assumed that NASA won’t comment on this video either.

I Want to Believe

What are these cameras catching in the sky? It is likely most collected footage of UFOs could be the result of lens distortion, glares, or even weather balloons. There is a reason NASA doesn’t comment on evidence of aliens and UFOs, and it is that there is most likely a reasonable explanation for what is caught on camera. UFO hunters will continue to argue the existence of aliens based on this footage, but without hard evidence, videos such as this one will continue to be left to speculation.