3D Printed Toyota Looks Cooler Than Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf

3D Printed Toyota Looks Cooler Than Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf Clapway

With the help of Toyota group of graduate students have developed their own electric car using 3D printed parts. The Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf may be aimed towards the current generation, but this impressive looking car may just be the choice for the future.


The two-year collaboration between Toyota North America and Clemson University has given students a deep, hands-on experience in terms of auto development. The program has covered engineering design, market research, manufacturing and more. Now, the fruits of their labor have produced an impressive result. Using 3D-printed components, Toyota’s concept car uBox is formed. The car is all electric and features some unique aesthetic. Given the nature of this design, it’s fair to assume it will be geared towards the next generation of buyers.


While the Tesla Model 3 and the Nissan Leaf are experiencing great success with the current generation, entrepreneurs of the future want a little more from their car. Toyota’s uBox will do more than just get you from point A to point B. Future generations want a car that can act as a mobile office during the week and a then a mode for a weekend getaway. Along with functionality, comes a daring and youthful design. With a rounded glass top, the skylight takes up the entirety of the roof. Inside, drivers can expect a flexible interior.

Seats can be arranged to create a meeting space or perhaps just to haul awkward cargo. In addition, Toyota stressed that certain parts can be 3D printed in order to make a completely personalized car. Nissan Leaf and Tesla’s Model 3 are not wrong in thinking electric cars are the future, but these students have taken that concept further by creating an automobile that’s far more than a car.


Perhaps more schools should look into partnerships like the one here with Toyota and Clemson. Many are citing the experience as unique and something that can’t be learned from a textbook. Not to mention it can be an investment for the future of the business. Perhaps we’ll see Tesla pair up with Caltech someday to further enhance their Model 3 for the future. Maybe the Nissan Leaf could benefit from a younger point of view as well. Not to say Nissan Leaf and the  Tesla Model 3 aren’t groundbreaking automotive on their own. However, they should keep an eye on the future to see what the youth of the world will embrace.