3 Holes Technology is More Fun Than Pornhub or Youjizz

7 Ways Latest Technology Helping In Food Safety 3 Holes Technology is More Fun Than Pornhub or Youjizz Clapway

Having a threesome is a dream for every man. Let’s face it, though, it’s not easy to obtain. First, you have to get out of bed. Then you have to wipe the pizza grease stains off your face, change out of your beer soaked pajamas, take a shower, shave that neckbeard, look half decent and get out to a bar. That was the easy part. From there, you’ll have to find two or more willing girls that will let you even talk to them, never mind stick things in their holes. For this reason, it’s understandable why Pornhub and Youjizz are so popular. However, thanks to a new technology, you may never need girls or porn ever again.


Fapping by yourself is fun but it certainly gets old. Don’t you want to spice up your fap life? 3Fap is exactly why technology is amazing. 3fap is a handheld device that moves up and down over your penis just like you would imagine a fap machine would do. That’s where the ‘fap’ part comes in. The three in the name is in reference to the three different holes one can choose. That’s right, 3Fap is a 3-in-1 male masturbator that will make Pornhub and Youjizz obsolete. It is the first device of it’s kind to use 3D printed offices. For those worrying about the accuracy of said offices, don’t worry. The inspiration for these 3D vaginas came from live examples from the worldwide vaginal beauty contest.


I’m just a guy telling you that 3Fap is better than Youjizz, Pornhub or any other masturbation tool out there. Don’t take my word for it, though. Look at the details. The device was hardly simple to create. Yes, fapping may seem like an easy task but this is some advanced tech we are talking about. For one, the sleeve molds are a thing of beauty. Featuring three different internal textures, each office is a 3D printed engineering feat of experts. In addition to the physical qualities, 3Fap is ahead of the game in software. For example, sex toy companies in China for use software from 10 years ago, nevermind even thinking about 3D scanning technology. This device uses the most up to date software and printing techniques. All-in-all, a great deal of time and effort was put into this technology to make you a ‘fappier’ person. The archaic sources of Pornhub and Youjizz will never stand a chance.


Pornhub and Youjizz surely hold a place in many people’s hearts, but it’s time to move on folks. Join the rest of us in the future of fapping. In the future, you can choose your own external offices. Three of them actually. You can also have your choice of internal texture’s as well. If that’s not enough, each orifice can be controlled independently. This isn’t just eliminating the use of your hand, it may make the need for women completely obsolete. The future is looking good for us men and the future is now.