Microsoft Slams U.S. Government; Will Trump Comment?

Microsoft Slams U.S. Government; Will Trump Comment? Clapway

Microsoft sues the U.S. Government over customer privacy. The latest legal stand by Microsoft will potentially allow the technology company to notify their customers if the government is interested in their emails. The tech industry and the U.S. Government continue to wage legal war. The lawsuit follows Apple’s lock on iPhone data from one of the San Bernardino, California shooters. Trump called for the boycott of the company. Is Microsoft next on Trump’s political agenda?

Can Microsoft Beat the U.S. Government and Trump?

Microsoft filed the lawsuit in a Seattle Federal Court on Thursday. They argue that the government is not following the U.S. Constitution as they attempt to tap into cloud data. Can Microsoft win? It is possible. The Fourth Amendment states that citizens have the right to know if their property is searched or seized by the U.S. Government. Microsoft also adds a second blow with freedom of speech in the First Amendment. It may be challenging for Microsoft to score one against the U.S. Government. Since the Department of Justice is reviewing the lawsuit.

The U.S. Government’s Loophole

The government did find a loophole. They want data from remote servers, rather than personal computers. With the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) in their bag of tricks, the government can target tech companies that have stored cloud data. Since this data is remote. The ECPA is three decades old and has been a burden to the technology industry and customer privacy since it was passed. Many argue that it is outdated. It was passed before the age of the Internet and should be amended or withdrawn all together. And let’s not forget about Trump. His political voice and antics may be odd, but there are people listening to him.

Trump Took a Bite Out of Apple

Trump backed the FBI in its request for Apple to unlock data on an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California shooters. His boycott was said to be spur of the moment. But Trump also added that if he did win the presidential campaign, he would put big restrictions on Apple. One of which is that they would be forced to manufacture their phones in the United States instead of China. The estimated cost of such a restriction would make an iPhone roughly $2,000 according to reports. Trump could have Microsoft in his crosshairs next. Could a similar boycott be next for Trump?