NASA, Bill Nye, Facebook Declare War on ‘Stupid People’?

NASA, Bill Nye, Facebook Declare War on 'Stupid People'? Clapway

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” placed a $20,000 bet on the table in an interview with Marc Morano. Morano is possibly one of the most famous deniers of global warming in America. He denies that fossil fuels and global warming are linked. But Bill Nye wishes Morano to put his money where his mouth is. NASA also threw their hat into the global warming ring via Facebook. Putting global warming naysayers in their place.

Bill Nye Backed by NASA as Facebook Posts Heat Up

Is America headed for stupidity similar to the blockbuster Idiocracy? In Idiocracy, the people of earth ignore the warning signs of global warming, get fat, get lazy, and water crops with soda. The world may not be too far off. Bill Nye bet Marc Morano that earth would continue to heat up in an interview Morano requested. Morano is a member of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a conservative committee. He is also promoting his film Climate Hustle. Despite Bill Nye’s television antics, he holds a mechanical engineering degree from Cornell University. He also worked for Boeing. Morano turned down the bet. With climate change debates heating up, NASA takes to Facebook.

NASA’s Perspective on Global Warming

NASA focuses on more than growing potatoes on Mars. The space agency has also taken an interest in global warming. With the use of their space satellites, they are able to get a better picture. They also released a video during the Paris climate talks. The video detailed how carbon emissions were, in fact, warming earth. According to data collected by NASA, 2015 was the warmest year ever. And 14 of the 16 warmest years ever have occurred since 2000. The space agency’s global warming website also gives detailed statistics about the current state of global warming. Such as carbon dioxide numbers and the global temperature.

Facebook Messages by NASA?

Where can you find support for Morano’s claims against global warming? Facebook of course. Supporters of a global warming hoax have been bashing NASA via Facebook. This is mainly due to a 2015 report issued by NASA saying that aerosols actually cool. Since they reflect off the sun’s rays. But NASA fired back. The space agency’s short and snappy responses are putting people in their place. They offer links and politely nudge stupid people on Facebook to do their homework. Instead of following Morano blindly. The 2015 report on cooling aerosols was a small part. The report also said that carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels warmed the earth and canceled the cooling effects of aerosol. It would be fun to get a personal reply from NASA or Bill Nye on Facebook, though.