Camouflaged Aliens Among Us on Earth

Camouflaged Aliens Among Us on Earth Clapway

Are aliens walking with humans on Earth? Scientists at the University of California think that this could be possible. They believe that aliens have lived on earth with humans for some time. They may look like humans. But act as observers. Maybe you believe in aliens. Maybe the idea of them living on earth is nonsense. But it may not be too strange to imagine. NASA is spending large amounts of money to find ancient Martian civilizations. If any evidence of an earth inhabited by other creatures existed, would the government share it with the public?

Aliens at the University of California

In 2000, Jonathan Malkisom, a University of California professor announced that aliens were in fact on earth. Malkisom’s held a press conference and shared his theory with the world. He insisted that signs of aliens have long been reported. And they have changed their appearance in order to look like humans. In an effort to blend in and study. Malkisom also said that they have been watching humans closely. The University of California would be the perfect place for aliens to blend in and watch humans. They could easily go undetected. And move freely among earthlings. Whether they use their disguises or not.

Alien Angels Invaded Earth During Biblical Times?

There is another theory about extraterrestrials. And it comes from the bible. Adrian Kent introduced this idea. He is a professor at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. Kent thinks aliens have been on earth since the period of creation. He said they have unique disguise abilities. Similar to some insects and animals. Like a chameleon. Support for Kent’s idea can be found in the Book of Genesis. The support comes from Jacob’s battle with an angel, or human. The alien angel theory is another ancient idea. There was always a question of mortality. In the case of aliens vs. angels. Mainly because E.T. is mortal. And angels live forever.

Centuries of Government Cover-Up

As long as the question of aliens on earth has existed. So have the cover-ups. Area 51 in Roswell remains the center of alien conspiracy theories. The CIA even declassified parts of a case involving a crashed UFO. Rumors that three alien bodies were discovered may be in the full report. There are also rumors involving President John F. Kennedy. It is said that Kennedy asked for the full Roswell file. Just days before he was killed. Could his death and the Roswell files be related?