GM New Features: Almost Like Tesla

GM New Features: Almost Like Tesla Clapway

General Motors (GM) announces an end to its questionable vehicle safety standards. GM has 11 vehicle brands worldwide. Including Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick, to name a few. GM produces cars and trucks in 35 countries around the world. Their vehicle safety features may be up to par in the US. But fail in comparison in other countries. Safety features like airbags have been ignored in recent production. The company attempted to decrease vehicle cost for lower income buyers. But GM may now be taking a Tesla approach to safety. Because Tesla achieved a vehicle safety rating higher than any car company before it.

Why GM may Shift to Tesla Safety Standard

Don’t all vehicles come with airbags? Truth be told, many vehicles are produced with price in mind. As opposed to safety. This is especially true for vehicles produced for emerging markets. Where wages are lower and buying a new car can be quite a commitment. GM decided to make safety a priority after the Chevrolet Sail failed safety tests in Latin America. The Chevrolet Sail received zero stars in a recent crash test conducted by the Latin New Car Assessment Program, an independent safety testing organization. The Sail is without airbags and three-point seat belts.

GM’s Defense Over Safety

Pricing vehicles to meet the driving needs of low-income buyers is great. Owning a vehicle can have a big impact on the livelihood of a person or family. But at what cost was GM willing to sacrifice safety? The Chevrolet Sail sells for less than $10,000. It is produced in China and exported to countries with lower safety standards. The Sail is not the first GM vehicle to get zero stars by the Latin New Car Assessment Program. The Aveo, Agile and Spark all received the zero rating. The Latin New Car Assessment Program recommended that GM follow the safety standards of Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen for better ratings in the future. Which is an excellent recommendation. But what about Tesla Motors?

Tesla Revolutionized Vehicle Safety

Tesla received the highest vehicle safety ranking ever. The best in the history of vehicle production. Tesla is not only producing innovative cars that are environmentally conscious. They are placing a high standard on safety. The Tesla Model S received a 5 star rating overall. As well as in every subcategory. Truly an unprecedented achievement. Only 1% of all vehicles tested by the U.S. Government get a 5 star rating across the board. GM will invest $5 billion for the production of safer vehicles for emerging markets. Unfortunately, those vehicles won’t be on the road until 2019