Slender Alien Captured in Mexico; NASA is Silent, Locals are Puzzled

Slender Alien Captured in Mexico; NASA is Silent, Locals are Puzzled Clapway

A strange, alien sighting was reported in Mexico the other day. Pictures show a think, pink figure apparently spying on a Mexican family. The event left locals puzzled as no answers have come to light. As always, NASA remains silent on the matter.


The report of this creature came from Mexico, the most active country in the world for UFO sightings. This report came from July 2015. In the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo, a ranch owner heard a strange noise from outside the house. Just like any horror film, the man decided to investigate. Being daylight, the man brought his camera to film what looked like a pink humanoid being. The alien was naked, agile, skinny and had a small head. This contradicts any theory that it may have been Donald Trump up there. Jokes aside, the weird being eventually fled, assuming he was being watched. If only there was some space agency out there that may offer up some kind of explanation.


As always, NASA has no response regarding this video. Surely, they would classify it as a hoax. As far as they’re concerned, aliens do not exist on Earth, yet it is possible they exist in space. Their controversial cover-ups are the driving force behind many conspiracy theories. Perhaps they are ashamed to admit their lies after all these years. It seems that NASA is pretty adamant about denying aliens exist until they find evidence themselves. Until then, we on Earth are left to ponder existence.


Since NASA is useless here, we must ask ourselves: why do aliens love Mexico so much? Illegal aliens are often associated with the country, so perhaps a real alien got the wrong idea. Maybe they’re flocking here to find like-minded aliens hanging by the Riveria only to find a peaceful family in Mexico, eating their Huevos Rancheros for breakfast. This alien encounter was far from the first in Mexico and it won’t be the last. Until NASA gives us some info, we can assume that alien life is thriving in South America. Either that or the whole region is insane.