Ford and Tesla Are Not on the Same Page

Ford and Tesla Are Not on the Same Page Clapway

Ford Motor Co. may be falling behind in the electric car race. But this may be their actual plan. Ford has shown little sign of keeping up with the likes of electric car innovator Tesla. As well as falling short to compete with electric car enthusiasts GM and Nissan. Ford’s director of electrification programs and engineering, Kevin Layden, announced that the 2017 Ford Focus Electric would only have a range of roughly 100 miles. That is a big step up from the 2016 model with a 76-mile range. This division in mileage is incomparable to Tesla Motors Model S, Roadster, Model 3 and Model X.

The Ford 100-Mile Difference

Kevin Layden, Ford’s director of electrification programs and engineering said that the 100-mile electric car range of the upcoming Focus Electric is all you need. Layden assured that most daily commutes are well within a 100-mile radius. At the SAE World Congress, Layden also mentioned that a lower mileage range keeps cost and weight down significantly. The battery pack is lighter than the larger packs Tesla uses. And smaller reduces the bottom line for buyers.

Do You Have Electric Car Mileage Anxiety?

This month in a panel discussion relating to the future of electric cars, consumer anxiety was on the table. Many in the electric car industry say that anything less than 200 miles for an electric car’s range is inadequate. Those in support of a higher mileage range moving forward say it alleviates buyer anxiety. But Ford insists that the 100-mile range Focus Electric will satisfy a large number of electric car consumers. Mainly because it will be more affordable, but Ford has also decided to increase its electric car budget to $4.5 billion.

Tesla Takes the Electric Car Cake

The next couple of years will be truly electrifying. Many industry leaders are launching new models that will bolster consumer confidence. Tesla Model S is not only the safest car on the road, but may also offer the greatest mileage for an electric car. Newer models may reach in excess of 300 miles with the 85 kWh batteries. GM will launch the Chevrolet Bolt with at least a 200-mile range. And Nissan is promising a 2018 Leaf with a 200-mile range as well. An electrified roadway will be great to see, and worth discussing this Earth Day too.