Apple Car Lab – Top Secret Facts

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In light of recent rumors regarding an Apple Car, a new report has come out saying the company is operating a secret car lab in Germany. The initiative dubbed “Project Titan” aims to reimagine the vehicles of the future. If this is so, it would explain the secrecy. Well, some of it anyway.


It sounds like the plot to the next James Bond film, but this is very much a reality. Citing sources from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (let’s just call it F.A.Z), reports show that Apple’s dodgy, secret Berlin facility is only staffed by 15-20 employees. Apparently, this supergroup is made of 15-20 high-ranking members from the German automotive industry. The report from F.A.Z did not mention any names, but rumors suggest that Apple roped in these progressive thinkers from their monotonous and restricting lives at traditional car companies. Seeing as the first round of rumors didn’t bode well for the company, it’s wise for them to get some good press on the matter.


According to past rumors, Apple’s car will be electric and potentially autonomous. F.A.Z, on the other hand, had no mention of the latter. Their car will apparently lack self-driving ability while the necessary technology is being developed. Another fascinating detail regards sales. It’s safe to say you won’t be finding this car in stores next to the latest iPhone. The company does not have a dealership network in place. Instead, rumors point to a vehicle-sharing model like BMW’s DriveNow. BMW is launching their service in Seattle with expected success, so that could be an interesting path for the Cupertino company to go down. Still, “Titan” remains a secret for the most part.


When asked about the secret Titan project, Apple wisely had no comment on the matter. For the time being, it seems the company will release information in the form of rumors when they see fit. Not only does this help keep the secret operation away from competitors but it also builds up the hype surrounding the car. The Cupertino company has always been the masters of hype and this situation looks to be no different.