Apple Watch News: Fans Choose New Smartwatch

Apple Watch News: Fans Choose New Smartwatch Clapway

The iMCO team wants to give the Apple Watch a run for its money, with their new smartwatch, the CoWatch. The Apple Watch has struggled to find its audience with complaints of a high entry price being the main culprit. News released in March revealed that the Apple Watch would receive a $50 price cut. It remains to be seen if the new $249 price tag will drive in consumers for Apple’s latest device, especially with new wearable technology arriving right around the corner.

The Next Big Smartwatch

If you’ve watched TV lately, you may have seen advertisements for the Amazon Echo, featuring Alec Baldwin and Jason Schwartzman. The ad highlights Alexa, Amazon’s advanced voice recognition software, much like Apple’s Siri. CoWatch will be the first smartwatch on the market to use Alexa. Even better the smartwatch is compatible with both ios and Android. There is no news yet on if the CoWatch will also support Windows phones.

Not Another Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a futuristic feel with its square display. CoWatch is the mix of a classic watch design, along with all the bells and whistles of a smartwatch. The smartwatch reportedly has 32 hours of the battery life and is one of the first watches with 8GB of memory. CoWatch will be available in two colors, carbon black and mineral silver. There is no news on any additional colors, but users will be able to change their straps. The biggest selling factor of the CoWatch is its low price. At release, consumers can get their hands on the smartwatch for $159.

No News on Apple’s Reaction

Apple has already dropped the price of its smartwatch once if they’re feeling threatened they may drop it again. They could also go another route and break news on the second generation of their Apple Watch. With the $90 dollar difference between the CoWatch and the Apple Watch, it will be interesting to see how Apple responds to the price difference. There’s no news on the official retail release of the CoWatch, but supporters of iMCo’s Indiegogo funding campaign will receive their watches in June.