New Mattress Tech Better Than Costco, Walmart Solutions

New Mattress Tech Better Than Costco, Walmart Solutions Clapway

You could be sleeping on the most innovative mattress pad by Autumn 2016. The Mooring smart sleep system by MIRAHOME uses learning technology to monitor and optimize your slumber. It is said that you will get the best sleep you’ve ever had. But how smart is the Mooring? The MIRAHOME claims it will revolutionize your sleep. And for under $200, it may be a better alternative to Costco and Walmart “mattress technology.” The Mooring is also communicative, sending data to your iPhone. Well, to the cloud first, then your iPhone via a sleek app.

Mooring Putting Walmart and Costco to Bed

Imagine having the most innovative mattress pad technology beneath your overworked bones every night. It sounds fantastic in theory. But what does the Mooring offer that other mattress pads available to consumers at Walmart and Costco don’t have? For starters, this tech-savvy mattress pad is thermo-smart. It also boasts custom fit temperature settings, a soundless alarm, an in-depth slumber tracking program, and super hi-tech drying capabilities, among others. Oh, and it has Wi-Fi. Yes, a mattress pad with Wi-Fi. I don’t think Walmart or Costco have gotten to Wi-Fi yet.

In Depth Sleep Tracking Data Sent to Your iPhone

One of the more attractive Mooring selling points is the in-depth sleep tracking system. The days of wearables are over when it comes to recording your sleep patterns. The Mooring tracks your breathing and sleep cycle heart rate, noise, light, temperatures, and humidity. You can access all this via the control pad, and have it sent to your iPhone via the cloud if you want to check your sleep data on your lunch break. Or maybe even on your morning commute. This goes to the Mooring app, which acts as a sophisticated hub for everything sleep involved.

Is Such Sleep Technology Even Comparable?

If you take a peek at what Costco or Walmart is offering for sleep technology, you may find comparisons challenging. Most Costco and Walmart mattress pads are tech savvy in material and not in actual innovation. Sure, you can find a mattress pad for cheaper. And it may work great for bedtime. But for the price, the Mooring is worth the purchase. Especially if you want to try out a new iPhone app that may actually make a difference in your daily life.