Skype ChatBot Racist, like Microsoft Hitler Robot?

Skype ChatBot Racist, like Microsoft Hitler Robot? Clapway

Skype chatbot now has bot integration for Mac via a beta web app. This may be excellent news for bot enthusiasts that have been dying to give it a try. The Skype chatbot currently remains a preview feature with only six bots to choose from. But the bots still have excellent automated features, showing impressive bot results during keyword searches. Offering multiple results without getting offensive or racist like the Microsoft Tay for example. You may remember Tay, the racist Microsoft Hitler bot that was finally jailed by its developers.

Skype ChatBot Not New, But Still Fun

The Skype chatbot will be more useful for users once the Skype bot program is fully launched. In the meantime, the keyword search and a responsive voice command feature make it as appealing as some of the other bots out there. The integration for Mac via a beta web app allows Mac users to activate the Skype chatbot by going to Contacts > Add Bot. Then begin chatting away. Web users will find the new Discover Bots in their navigation panel, where they can add the bots and begin chatting as well.

Microsoft Tay Discussed Hitler and 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

There is still a slight concern that Microsoft may have another rogue Hitler bot like Tay. This may be why the program has been inching its way to the public. Tay was a messenger bot that quickly succumbed to bad Twitter influences. Tay began racist rants supporting Hitler and also found a few conspiracy theories to discuss as well. From Hitler inspired tweets, homophobic tendencies, and 9/11 conspiracies, Microsoft quickly jailed Tay until the bot can be readjusted to society norms.

Is the ChatBot Useful in the Long Run?

The delivery of information in a general way is not a new task for bots. Remember the Google Guru? Getting your sports, weather, and local or international news via a bot is old news. However, the multiple messaging app platforms have given bots new purpose. And AI bots are also becoming more advanced as the race to develop the next best chatbot continues. This could revolutionize daily life, or bots may always revert back to the negative influences on the web.