iPhone 8 to Make Apple 10% More Successful, Experts Say

iPhone 8 to Make Apple 10% More Successful, Experts Say Clapway

The iPhone 7 may be a bust. According to a Barclays analyst, it will be lacking the must have form factor changes. It essentially will not be much different than the iPhone 6s. Reports have detailed that only a few tweaks will be made, possibly just enough to entice the Apple loyalists to keep going. There have even been odd reports of no headphone jack on the new Apple device.

Apple iPhone 6 Success

The iPhone 6 launch in 2014 was very successful and lucrative for Apple. Some say that the “7” will simply be a replacement and not anything earth shattering. It will certainly not compare to the 2014 design upgrades and fresh tech components. This could be a small sign of the company’s decline, or it could mean that the great things are afoot for the iPhone 8.

Launching of iPhone 8 May Be Unprecedented

Traditionally, Apple has launched a new model number and followed with an “S” interim model to allow for a stunning new number model launch within 2 years time. If history were any indicator of the future, the “7” should be a product of desire loaded with new features, and a fresh design. The speed up in launches may bring an “8” to consumers in 2017. Expert analysts say that this could bring big numbers for the company.

Scary Profit Percentages for Apple Products

Analysts projected that 2016 would be a decent year for the innovative tech giant. Reporting iPhone sales would be up 2.6% this year. However, new data suggests that the company will sell 1.8% fewer mobile devices in 2016, compared to 2015 numbers. This may be due to the not so amazing “7.” Investors might begin worrying that the device is near market saturation. However, an iPhone 8 launch in 2017 could boost company sales by 10.3%, according to reports. There is also the anticipation of the new OLED screen that should be available by 2017. After Apple signed a billon-dollar deal with Samsung for the screen technology.