IPhone 7 Flash Drive: 5 Things that Make Apple Fans Happy

IPhone 7 Flash Drive: 5 Things that Make Apple Fans Happy Clapway

The iPhone 7 release is right around the corner, and Apple users will soon have to go through the hassle of transferring their files to the new phone. Adam Elements wants to clear up some space on your current Apple iPhone in preparation for the release. They plan to do that with the iKlip, a USB flash drive for Apple devices, which gives users a convenient and fast way to share and transfer their files. With iKlip, users may never have to worry about phone memory again.

Compatible with Most Apple Devices

Transferring files between Apple devices can be a hassle when not connected to the cloud. Adam Elements wants to save users from those moments where no connection is available. Users plug in their iKlip and grab the files they would like to transfer. They then plug the iKlip into another device and transfer those files over. All of this is done through an iKlip app that guides users through the entire process. iKlip plugs into all Apple devices with a lightning connector and will likely work with the iPhone 7 upon release. The flash drive is also compatible with Mac and PC.

Supports Numerous File Types

IKlip gives users the ability to share numerous types of files. No longer will users have to use large amounts of data to share photos and videos with their friends through text messages. IKlip also makes studying on the go easier with the ability to store word documents, presentations, and PDF files.

Slim and Safe

The iKlip takes the shape of an average flash drive with an aluminum exterior housing. Adam Elements also added a stainless steel clip to the device, making it easier for users to travel with it. With no internet connection required to transfer files, iKlip minimizes the risk of third parties accessing users’ files. The device is offered in four different capacity sizes, including 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

Perfect Match for the IPhone 7

The iKlip is available in 5 different colors, silver, grey, gold, red, and rose gold. With so many options, users should have no problem matching their iKlip to their new iPhone 7. The iKlip can also work as an external drive for the iPhone 7, freeing up space on the phone for more apps.

Ready to Go

The iKlip has been helping Apple users save space on their devices for the last year, and wants to continue doing so through the release of the iPhone 7. The price of the device varies by capacity, with the 16GB version starting at $59.99. The iKlip is available through Adam Element’s website and Amazon.