Tesla is Not Afraid of New Apple Car; What about Mercedes?

Tesla is Not Afraid of New Apple Car; What about Mercedes? Clapway

Forget the iPhone 8, is Apple’s next product going to be an electric car? Rumors certainly suggest so after the company has hired an ex-Tesla engineer to handle the task. Despite the possible competition, Elon Musk has his eyes set on something bigger. Meanwhile, Mercedes is just getting into the game.


Apple isn’t the best at keeping a secret, and their electric car project is no exception. According to leaked media reports, the company has acquired  ex-engineer Chris Porritt from Tesla and also opened an R&D office in Germany. Germany, as you may know, is home to some of the world’s most luxurious car manufacturers like Mercedes. The reports also suggest that Apple is aiming for a street date of 2019 or 2020, however, the electric car will not be self-driving contrary to popular belief. Elon Musk is hardly concerned that his former employees are going to Apple. In fact, he refers to the company as a ‘Tesla-graveyard’. Besides, Musk has some bigger goals to focus on.


After helping a sliver of the world go green, Elon Musk is turning his attention towards the issue of overpopulation. No, he won’t be killing babies but he does have an idea for a new type of mobility system. Vehicle density is a major issue for cities. Even with all the Tesla’s in the world, it won’t change the fact that they are there, and taking up space. Musk says he has an idea that’s not exactly a bus or a train, but will somehow solve the problem of density in crowded cities. He was rather vague on what kind of vehicle it would be, but he hinted that it would be autonomous. This technology would be a big help in places like Europe, where Mercedes seeks to get in the market for electric cars.


Mercedes doesn’t often play catch up, but when they do, expect them to take it seriously. In lieu of all the electric car hype these days, Mercedes announced four electric car models of their own to come out in the near future. Rumors suggest that the design will target Tesla’s design and functionality directly, albeit a bit more luxurious and German. With Apple making a move in the region, it’s not too unlikely to  see the two team up in order to take down Musk’s empire.