Best iPhone 7 Stabilizer: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Best iPhone 7 Stabilizer: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

If you watch old videos you’ve taken with your phone, the first thing you’re likely to notice is how shaky it is. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to take video without shaking. Navin, the developer of the ProView S3 wants to change that. The first 3-axis gimbal, Proview S3 promises to stabilize video taken on any phone, including the unreleased iPhone 7.

A Simple Design

Navin kept it simple with the design of the Proview S3. The device is made up of a handle and a mount. The handle is the size of a TV remote and has a single button in the shape of a joystick. The mount can be adjusted to fit different phones. With no cords, the device has a clean and simple look. The Proview S3 is battery powered and has its battery life of two hours.

Simple Controls

Controlling your iPhone 7 with the Proview S3 is simple. Controls for the stabilizer all go through the single button located on the handle. A long click of the button turns the device on and off. A short click changes the operating mode, which is indicated by the light display above the button. Once users have selected a mode they can change their angles manually by pushing the button in any direction.

Taking Video with IPhone 7

The Proview S3 has an adjustable mount that can hold both mid-size and large-size phones. The size of the iPhone 7 is still unknown, but if it follows the trend of previous devices it will likely be close to the size of the iPhone 6s. Once your phone is mounted in place the Proview S3 goes to work. With the additional benefit of wind resistance, users can catch 4k video without any shaking

Additional Features

Navin wants to make the Proview S3 the most useful stabilizer on the market. The 3-axis gimbal is the first stabilizer to offer to the ability to shoot videos in portrait mode. The Proview S3 also offers an underslung mode for shooting video. With it users can take low angle video shots, without having to worry about the stabilizer dropping their new iPhone 7.

Better Video: Coming Soon

Navin just finished their Indiegogo funding campaign and are right around the corner from putting the Proview S3 into production. The device will be shipped in July, just a few months ahead of the speculated release of the iPhone 7. The Proview S3 will be available for $160, and will come with 3 rechargeable batteries and a USB charger.