All-Glass iPhone 8 with Android Trends: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

All-Glass iPhone 8 with Android Trends: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

We may see a lot of new features for the iPhone 8 next year, but the features may not be Apple inspired. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple will make big leaps in design and tech for the iPhone 8. One such feature will be an all-glass enclosure. Replacing the present aluminum chassis. Apple may also replace the LCD screen with the AMOLED used for Android devices. This could increase sales in a big way, which may be essential since the iPhone 7 is expected to not do so well on the market. Will the new smartphone become a chopped up version of an Android?

Android or iPhone 8?

Android inspired design on an Apple product. Samsung has been using AMOLED displays since the inception of the Galaxy S1. Last year’s Android Galaxy S6 Edge had curved glass screens. And Samsung is not the only company producing phones with glass exteriors, including Lenovo and Oppo. However, it is nothing new in some ways. Samsung has been supplying Apple with tech and design for years. Despite the lawsuits the companies share.

Will an All Glass iPhone Crack?

The last time Apple used a glass back was in the iPhone 4 and 4s design. They were pretty stunning handsets, but they were prone to cracking. This was a real bummer for Apple loyalists. Consumers hope that Apple’s iPhone 8 choice in glass would be much stronger than previous models. The use of glass casing is also good for reception and charging.

Apple May be Admitting Innovative Defeat

Remember when Androids were considered fake versions of the iPhone? In many ways, they were seen as inferior to Apple handsets. Some even said they stole design features from Apple. But how times have changed. An all glass AMOLED smartphone may be an admission of defeat from Apple to Android.

Apple Finally Hits the Ceiling

There have been recent rumors concerning investment worries over Apple. Shares have fallen 12% over the last year with iPhone 7 sales projected to be fewer than 2%. The Apple handset that skyrocketed the company’s worth may be finally hitting the ceiling. Last quarter, sales were hovering around 1% with shipments falling 24% annually during the first quarter. Apple needs to make a few changes, and the iPhone 8 may be its savior.

Apple Still Has a Few Moves

Apple is diversified, and they may need to rely on other Apple services and products to make up the sales difference. Apple Pay, Apple Music, Apple Watch, and the anticipated Apple Car will need to begin generating sales since the smartphone generated 70% of sales last quarter alone. The iPhone 8 could also bring a much-needed boost in sales next year as well.