Pornhub and Snapchat Changing the Emoji Game

Pornhub and Snapchat Changing the Emoji Game Clapway

Emojis are making a comeback, thanks to Pornhub and Snapchat. Earlier this week Snapchat released its new feature 3D Stickers, which gives users the ability to put movable emojis in their videos. Pornhub takes another direction with their latest service. With Emoji 4 Porn, users send an emoji to the site, and Pornhub responds by sending a video back that matches the emoji.

Making Videos Fun with Snapchat

For the longest time, Snapchat has updated how users are able to take pictures. With custom selfies and face swap, Snapchat’s focus was on pictures. 3D Stickers finally bring some customization to Snapchat videos. Want to let your friends know about your dog’s birthday? Send them a snap video of your dog wearing an emoji birthday hat. With numerous emoji the possibilities are endless on Snapchat.

Pornhub: Aiding the Lazy

With Emoji 4 Porn, Pornhub wants to help porn lovers who are pressed on time. Emoji 4 Porn gives lazy porn watchers a faster way to get the videos they want. Users choose from a list of 30 emojis and send one to the site. Pornhub then sends a video back that fits the category the emojis represents. Looking through the list some match-ups are obvious, such as the eggplant or the melon. The app also offers categories based on countries.

The Future of Emojis

Emojis is the simplest form of communication through text. It says so much without taking up much space. There are thousands of emojis now, and their purpose is expanding. Domino’s Pizza lets customers place an order by sending pizza emojis to their store. Facebook expanded their like button to give users more options in how to respond to content with their reaction buttons. With the uses of emojis growing each day it won’t be too long before people are getting an Uber, buying concert tickets, or renting hotel rooms all with emojis.