PS4 Fans Choose Microsoft Xbox One; What About Nintendo?

PS4 Fans Choose Microsoft Xbox One; What About Nintendo? Clapway

The free cross-platform media player, VLC, is heading to the Xbox One. The media player comes to Microsoft platforms as a result of the Universal Windows Program or UWP. With the UWP a single app can work between multiple platforms, keeping programmers from coding for the same app multiple times. There is no word if VLC will eventually come to the PS4 and NX, the new Nintendo console.

UWB and Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft implemented the UWP to make it easier for users to access their apps across all Microsoft platforms. The UWP expands Xbox One games to the PC, but the Xbox One gains the most from this move, giving it access to multiple apps that are usually restricted to PCs and mobile phones. VLC is one such app. With VLC, Xbox One owners will now have access to the multiple video and audio files that media player supports. VLC is currently in preview, but will release for Xbox One and other Microsoft platforms this summer.

PS4 Media Player

Sony released its own media player for the PS4 in 2015, giving users access to multiple file types. Access to VLC would increase the amount of file types supported on the PS4. It remains to be seen if the PS4 will ever receive the app at any time. With a summer release of VLC to Microsoft platforms and the Xbox One, how long before the media player is converted to other gaming consoles?

Nintendo and the NX

The Wii U is on its last leg, and Nintendo is on the verge of announcing its next console to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One. The next Nintendo console will release three years into the current console cycle, causing Nintendo to play catch up. Both Wii and Wii U lacked their own media player. Users had to get creative to find ways to play media through their Nintendo consoles. With the next console right around the corner, Nintendo would be wise to consider a media player.