Tesla Model S Goes NASCAR

Tesla Model S Goes NASCAR Clapway
Topspeed.com / Clapway Art

Tesla could make a big statement via an electric car on the NASCAR circuit. It could boost enthusiasm for all-electric vehicles moving toward a greener tomorrow. But is something so odd even possible? A Tesla car with NASCAR potential could be the Model S. Well, with a few upgrades of course. The Model S design already has a NASCAR look to it, in an electric car kind of way. It may be pretty unrealistic, but Elon Musk and SpaceX are planning to send humans to Mars within the next decade, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a green NASCAR in the pits fueling up. Well, I suppose charging would be a better way to put it.

Tesla Model S Range for NASCAR Tracks

The 2017 Model S has an extended range of 295 miles on a single charge. This is only available through the P90D, which stands for the 90 kWh engine. This may be adequate for NASCAR since most races appear to average in the 200-mile range. Despite races like the Daytona 500, which is 500 miles, obviously. But Daytona is considered official after half of the race is completed. A 300-mile range on one charge may be adequate far Tesla to be viable in an actual race without pit stops. But there are other issues involved like tire changing and stuff. It is obvious that I am not up to speed.

Power and Speed

The Model S may have a decent top speed for any major American roadway, but it is slightly lower than the average NASCAR. This would be an issue Elon Musk and his engineers would need to work on if they ever want to have a chance. The P90D redlines at about 155 mph. Tony Stewart hit more than 200 miles per hour, setting a record at a 1.5-mile track. Definitely, could be achieved by Tesla in the near future if they put a bit of space design behind their engines. The P90D also has a Ludicrous Speed update, which clocks 0-60 time at 2.8 seconds.

Laps Without Steering

NASCAR could be changed forever if Tesla joined its ranks. Using Autopilot technology, the electric cars lapping around NASCAR tracks will be not only quiet but also driving themselves. Autopilot technology steers and drives down the road without assistance, changes lanes, and can make speed adjustments when needed. It also has technology that parks the car without driver assistance, which isn’t too handy for NASCAR, but still pretty cool.