Americans ‘Go Dabbing’, Marijuana Experts Say


As the minds of Americans open wider and marijuana laws loosen up, new methods of smoking are appearing everywhere. One of the more popular of these methods is dabbing. So, what is dabbing? Dabbing is the inhalation of vapor from super-concentrated cannabis. As the popularity of dabbing increases so does the market that surrounds it. A plethora of dabbing products is hitting the shelves of head shops everywhere. It just may be the future of smoking.


2012 saw the popularity of medical marijuana reach heights previously unseen. Along with this came the rise of concentrated weed. People have been using marijuana concentrates for years, but thanks to dabs, the hype has really taken off. Commonly called wax, oil or shatter, dabbing has found its place in the cannabis community. Concentrates can be found in a growing number of dispensaries. With all kinds of creative dabbing products available, dabbing is becoming the norm. Some think dabbing represents a major evolution in smoking. It’s a much healthier alternative to say, a joint or a blunt. No butane or smoke is really inhaled, just the vapor from the concentrate.


Despite the benefits of dabbing compared to other methods, the controversy surrounding dabbing has grown. Skeptics are pointing out the dangers of not only the potency but the process of making wax. Some methods of making wax involve flammable chemicals like butane and accidents have been known to occur. Along with that, some people see the process as a bit more sketchy with the addition of a torch. This confuses some of the uneducated out there into thinking dabbing is akin to smoking crack. The negative controversy, however, is all speculation. The fact is, that dabbing is safe. Any chemical that may be found in the process required to dab is completely filtered by the water filters of the rig.


Marijuana is not for everyone and neither are dabs. That being said, if you want to dab, this is the time to get in on it. There are all kinds of independent artists handmaking rigs across the country. These ‘rigs’ are usually made of glass and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Besides that, just get a blowtorch, and of course, your handy shatter. From there, you’re ready to vaporize your marijuana concentrate and get lifted. Take notice, though, the effect can be extremely powerful. For this reason, it’s best to ease into it.