SpaceX to find Aliens on Mars by 2018

SpaceX to find Aliens on Mars by 2018 Clapway

If CEO Elon Musk can meet his goal, SpaceX will successfully send its Red Dragon spacecraft to Mars by 2018. The company failed to mention how many spacecraft it will send, but Musk hinted that more details are on the way. The plan is for Falcon 9 to launch capsules to Mars to test out the of landing heavy vehicles on another planet. Perhaps aliens have pre-ordered the Tesla Model S.


We all know of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule, but have you heard of the Red Dragon? This will be a modified version of the Dragon that transports cargo to the ISS. The Red Dragon is heavily geared up with eight Super Draco engines that will help the capsule land on solid ground. We call that ‘propulsive landing’ in the industry. As the Red Dragon descends toward Mars, the engines will turn on in an effort to slow the capsule and land safely on the firm, red martian dirt. If this process sounds familiar, it’s quite similar to how SpaceX lands its Falcon 9 rockets back on earth. If there are any aliens on The Red Planet, even they will be impressed.


This propulsive landing is going to be a way for Musk to try out the process of sending large amounts of hardware down to the surface of Mars. Even NASA hasn’t figured out how to do this yet. Unlike Earth, Mars has a thinner atmosphere that doesn’t help slow the fall of spacecraft. Because of this, NASA has had a hard time getting anything more than 1 metric ton of hardware there. More hardware is essential if SpaceX wants to complete their goal of setting up a Martian colony. To do so, Musk is going to need to put the necessary materials up there before any humans can begin colonizing. Either that or Musk is planning to send Tesla’s to aliens on Mars to begin his galactic domination scheme.


In 2018, it won’t be Russia, Europe or China NASA has to worry about, but the U.S born SpaceX. If they happen to meet their 2018 deadline for getting the Red Dragon on Mars, that will suggest the company is closer to putting a man on Mars and perhaps, even finding aliens. NASA said they won’t be sending anyone to Mars until the 2030’s. That will give Elon Musk plenty of time to mingle with his electric driving aliens on the red planet.