New Wood Band for Apple Watch: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

New Wood Band for Apple Watch: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

You may get wood over a new startup campaign from Santa Cruz, California. Wood, as in wood watchbands for smart watches, like the Apple Watch, Android Wear and Pebble Watch. The Ottm wood watchband is indeed unique and innovative. It puts a new sustainable spin on Smartwatches produced and sold from leading tech companies. Ottm watchbands have three wood flavors. And each wood band is treated with tung oil and polished smooth. It fits every model of the Apple Watch. This could be an excellent way to compliment your tech side with a bit of your adventurous, nature side.

Three Wood Designs for the Apple Watch

The Ottm offers three different wood designs that are cool, elegant and classy. These wood watchbands really compliment the Apple Watch, Android Wear and Pebble Watch face with a natural design for every occasion. The Ottm wood watch bands include maple, zebrawood and sandalwood.

Sustainable and Green

Now you can have your cake and eat it by combining Apple Watch tech with sustainable “green” design and fashion. You may be thinking that wood watchbands are not very sustainable, since they are made of wood. But with each campaign pledge, a tree is planted, which is a great start. Hopefully, the company will continue its sustainable green efforts after the startup campaign comes to a close.

Handcrafted and Responsibly Sourced

Each wood watchband is handcrafted, which puts a unique piece of art around your wrist. They not only complement the seamless design of the Apple Watch, Ottm wood watchbands are sourced responsibly. They are 100% real wood with a sustainable back-end tree-planting pledge.

Swappable Unique Product

Each watch band is unique. Because they are all handcrafted, every band has its own design. Wood grain is like a fingerprint. No two pieces are alike, placing a one of a kind handcrafted art piece around your wrist. You can also swap your wristbands out, having three different choices for any occasion.

Surprisingly Affordable Wood

The different swappable designs and handcrafted art of the Ottm watchbands are surprisingly affordable. You can pick up all three for your Apple Watch for $129. There is also an early bird special for less than $100 as well.