Earth Can’t Hold Too Many People; SpaceX is in Rush to Colonize Mars

SpaceX is in Rush to Colonize Mars; Earth Can’t Hold Too Many People Clapway

Earth is running out of space. If humans can somehow escape extinction from natural causes, then they will need to find a backup plan. Many think that backup plan may be to colonize Mars. SpaceX is already trying to do so. Whether the rest of the planet decides to follow them is yet to be known.


There isn’t any question that Earth is screwed. It’s not a matter of if it will become inhabitable, but more so, when. Humans are already destroying it in every possible way and at the moment, climate change seems to be the biggest threat. If (and that’s a might big if) we somehow elude the inevitable outcome of climate change, then Earth will have a bigger problem on its hand. Overpopulation.


Overpopulation will be the result of Earth’s tipping point. At the moment, our population checks in at a cool 7 billion. Observing our planets trend, this number will only increase over time. Estimates say that by the end of the century, human population will be 10 billion. Some may think Earth will grow with us and adapt. Nope. Resources are already running out as is and that won’t magically fix itself. Even if we somehow live the ideal sustainable self, we most likely won’t make it. So what’s the other options? SpaceX might be on to something with Mars.


The latest development with SpaceX is Red Dragon. The company hopes to send this capsule to the surface of Mars by 2018. While these missions won’t be manned, SpaceX is taking the opportunity to test future heavy landings. One problem that NASA has with Mars landings is a heavyweight. It’s difficult to slow down when landing on the surface of Mars due to its thin atmosphere. If SpaceX can master this, then the possibility to bring heavy machinery on the planet become plausible. Heavy machinery means the possibility to construct. From there, humans could eventually be sent up to do so and we have the start of a little colony. The red planet doesn’t seem like the ideal place to live and it’s not. However, humanity doesn’t seem to have much of a choice. If they do, spit it out.