Nissan Leaf Cleans Air Just like Tesla

Nissan Leaf Cleans Air Just like Tesla Clapway

Tesla and Nissan are familiar foes in the electric car race. The two are in many ways similar, but also very different. One offers an innovative luxury while the other continues to produce exceptional electric cars that meet needs. Plus the price difference between the Tesla Model S and the 2016 Nissan Leaf S are pretty far apart. The 2016 Nissan Leaf S will cost roughly $30,000, which is much less when compared to the 2016 Tesla Model S hovering between $70,000 and $100,000, depending on features. One thing the two electric cars may have in common is an air filtration system that offers the best breathing experience inside the vehicle, and outside as well.

Tesla HEPA Air Filtration

The Tesla HEPA air filtration system’s “bioweapon defense mode” in the Model X and Model S reduce outside pollution just as well as the air inside your car. This seems like a wild claim worthy of Mythbusters, but Tesla did indeed put it to the test. They placed the Model X in a sealed area with levels of pollution well above the EPA limit. The researchers engaged the bioweapon defense mode and let the air filter work its air cleaning magic. Surprisingly, in less than two minutes, the Tesla HEPA air filtration system cleared away the pollution to a breathable, human level. In fact, those conducting the test were reported to be able to take off gas masks and breathe normally in a once highly polluted area.

Nissan Leaf Air Filtration vs. Tesla

The Nissan Leaf also boasts an air filtration system worthy of riding pollution from a car, inside and out. The Nissan Leaf doesn’t emit any CO2 emissions due to its complete lack of tailpipe altogether. The tech behind the non-emission emitting Nissan Leaf comes from its advanced lithium-ion battery. Nissan has acclaimed that its new lithium-ion battery is the most advanced ever made, so far. However, the Leaf’s air filtration may not be as bold and pollution riding as the Model S and Model X system.

Survive the Apocalypse in a Tesla Car

There are plenty of amazing claims coming from all companies involved in the electric car race. However, there is simply one company that can brag about its bioweapon defense mode, and that is Tesla. If the end of the world ever hits, you may be able to ride it out in your Model S. This may make the high-cost worth it for all those Doomsday preppers out there.