Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Nye and NASA Don’t F**k with You

Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Nye and NASA Don’t F**k with You… Clapway

It’s sad that society can not trust their own politicians to be upfront about issues like climate change, but that is the reality we face. Instead, we have to hear the truth from entertainers like Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Nye to weed through the excessive tales of deceit for us. Additionally, NASA is backing them up. It seems they may be the only government agency that doesn’t f**k with our intelligence.


The late show host is a comedian first and political activist second, but even Jimmy Kimmel knows a bad joke when he sees one. Climate change has to be the biggest joke going right now. On his segment on climate change the other night, he stated that NASA and 97 percent of climate scientists agree that the warming we are experiencing is likely due to human activity. Still, some politicians feel the need to say it’s a hoax. Those politicians and the other three percent of “scientists” they’ve probably paid off have been doing everything they can to avoid the reality of the issue. What society is left with is Jimmy Kimmel preaching about the dangers of climate change instead of the people in power.


Another entertainer/educator, Bill Nye is going the way of Jimmy Kimmel and trying to raise awareness for climate change. Bill Nye has come under a lot of scrutinies due to his whacky tv show days, but that shouldn’t diminish his credibility. Bill Nye is so confident in his claims about global warming that he bet Mar Morano $20,000 that fossil fuels and the earth heating are directly related. Morano laughed it off, but he should take Bill Nye (and his money) seriously. Jimmy Kimmel may just be an intelligent tv host, but Nye has a mechanical engineering degree from Cornell University. He’s far from the zany, sound-effect laden “science guy” from days yonder. Additionally, NASA is supporting his, so that should be enough.


NASA seems to be the only beacon of light in the polluted, corrupt waters of the political landscape. While every politician feels it’s their duty to but on their best smile and upright lie to the people, NASA won’t sugar coat anything. They have taken a keen interest in global warming and are under the assumption that humans are to blame. In fact, the agency is spending a fair bit of time fending off climate change deniers when they really should focus on getting to Mars. However, Mars won’t matter if we destroy ourselves on Earth. That looks to be the case unless we change our ways.