Youtube Destroyed iPhone 6S

youtube Destroyed iPhone 6S


With plenty of practice and a few hours dedicated to how-to videos on YouTube, you can begin to develop many skills. One such “skill” many YouTube users have taken to is the art of destroying an iPhone. YouTube has always had an appetite for destruction, and it continues to grow as users find new ways to destroy their devices.

YouTube Smash

Users have been destroying the iPhone since its inception in 2007. The go-to tools of destruction for most entertainers include hammers, chainsaws, and buzz saws. Some channels, like Blendtec, take the destruction out of the tool shed and into the kitchen. Blendtec, with host Tom Dickson, has attracted viewers for years with one simple question, will it blend? From the original iPhone to the new iPhone SE, Dickson has blended them all down to dust.

No iPhone is Safe

When it comes to iPhone destruction, YouTube channel, TechRax leads the way. TechRax’s massacre has claimed the lives of over 100 iPhones, using things such as lava, molten glass, and hot tar. In one recent video, TechRax places his iPhone in a polyurethane solution mix. After 30 minutes the polyurethane starts to harden and crush the phone. With an endless stock of iPhones and access to limitless supplies, there is no telling how TechRax will strike next.

Keep it Safe

Destroying iPhones can be satisfying, but dangerous. With powerful tools of destruction in hand and phone shards flying everywhere, accidents are bound to happen. In numerous videos TechRax takes unnecessary risks while destroying his iPhones. These include touching broken glass with his bare hands, cutting with sharp objects towards his body, and using power tools on loose objects. When destroying any object make it a point to be safe. Wear gloves and eye protection, and always insure your “work space” is safe. No one needs a scar in exchange for a few minutes of fun.