Scientists Found More Proof for God

Scientists Found More Proof for God Clapway

Scientists have now discovered a way to keep human embryos alive in a lab a week longer than ever before and throughout a crucial stage of development. It’s a significant step into figuring out human development as well as leading to a better understanding of factors that lead to miscarriages and birth defects. Besides the scientific achievements, humans are beginning to uncover more ways that they can play God.


Some are firm believers in the fact that nature should be allowed to run its course. Scientists are not among these believers as they constantly invent new ways to defy the laws of nature. The latest comes by the way of keeping human embryos alive longer than they theoretically should. By keeping them alive, a scientist can learn important details about the development of humans as well as come to a better understanding of how we can prevent miscarriages and birth defects. From a scientific standpoint, the breakthrough is enormous, however, ethics bring up a question of conflict.


There has been a long-standing rule that limits research on humans embryos to the first 14 days of development. This latest move by scientists has challenged that rule. They’ve already successfully kept mouse embryos alive for longer, but would it apply to humans? A team at Rockefeller University in New York decided to find out. It worked. No longer will the embryos need to remain in the womb to keep developing. Scientists can now take to the laboratory in order to do, essentially giving themselves the life-creating powers of God.


As humans develop more advanced scientific techniques, it seems like they are taking on the power of God. Many religious radicals would see this as a sign of end times, however, others believe we should continue to evolve our intellect. Whether God exists or not is beside the point. The fact that scientists have discovered something that can help save a future life should we worth celebrating. Or should it? There are many skeptics out there in regards to the way we tinker with the natural aspects of life. Just because Mufasa preaches the circle of life in the Lion King, does that mean we can not interfere with it? We don’t have to become God in order to save or create a life. it shouldn’t be a topic of debate whether to do so, but for now, it continues to be one.