Tesla Model S Limo: Top 5 Car Accessories

Tesla Model S Limo: Top 5 Car Accessories Clapway

Now that you’ve pre-ordered your Model 3, it’s time to start thinking about the future. As a Tesla owner, you will certainly gain a lot of new “friends”, but they probably won’t all fit in your Model 3. For that reason, you’re going to need an upgrade. Thankfully, a California company is building a Model S limo to fit these needs. Don’t start cutting Amazon coupons just yet. Here are the top five car accessories you should know about first.


Like all Tesla’s, the Model S has a battery pack mounted under the floor of the car. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. Seeing as this is a limo now, some adjustments need to be made. With a longer floor comes a longer battery. Fortunately, the company Big Limos has experience with this so don’t fret.


As cool as this Tesla Model S limo is, no limo is complete without an onboard bar. In fact, nothing is really complete without the presence of a bar. Are you worried about drinking and driving? Well, if you can afford to ride in a limo, surely, you can afford to hire a driver. A sober one at that. Limo’s are all about relaxing so get those champagne flutes and ice bucket. If you really want to spiff it up, just get a personal fridge and bartender for the ride.


While I’m sure friends have the most riveting conversations with you, sometimes you just want to blast the Bee Gee’s and hang out the sunroof of your limo while the world surrounding you sneers in jealousy. To do this, you don’t want some two-bit, amateur sound system.. You want woofers up the wazoo and digital processors so you can mix the sound yourself.


As any live music fan knows, a good light show can make the experience. In a limo, this is no different. You’ve already got the bar, the music and the  proper ratio of girls to guys (whatever that may be).  Now, you just need a light show to top it all off. This is a Tesla Model S limo. Treat it like one.


Nobody rides a limo just because you can fit more friends. Sure, that’s an added bonus, but it’s all about riding in style. If you’re looking to do that, the Tesla Model S limo is a good start, but it shouldn’t end with the ride. Driving in style should always end with arriving in style. What better way to do that than to walk out on your personal red carpet? Just roll that out when you get to the event and watch the heads turn. Not only will it make you look famous, but it will distract people from seeing how drunk you are. Were you supposed to save a couple bottles of champagne for the ride home remember?