iPhone 7 Hoodie: 5 Features That Make Apple Music Fans Happy

iPhone 7 Hoodie: 5 Features That Make Apple Music Fans Happy Clapway

The HIODY by WER-TEK may be first and best in class among all hoodie enthusiasts, which roughly covers the entire world. Who doesn’t own at least one hoodie, or did at some point in life? Now imagine if your hoodie offered musically infused tech savvy usability that is simply unprecedented. The HIODY is perfect for the upcoming launch of the iPhone 7. Apple Music fans can accessorize their iPhones in a new fashionable way.

iPhone 7 Hoodie: 5 Features That Make Apple Music Fans Happy Clapway

Combines Apple iPhone Playlist with Fashion and Price

Pairing fashion with music has always been a focus in both tech and fashion industries. Most jackets and hoodies have a headphone hole for your iPhone cord, and maybe an inner pocket. The usability of the HIODY makes listening to music and managing calls easy and comfortable. You can also get a HIODY for a reasonable price now. For less than $100 you can put yourself in a music filled hoodie trance by September 2016.

Nuts and Bolts of the HIODY

The HIODY hoodie tech offers speakers, Bluetooth/amp module, microphone, and control button. It allows you to connect on the go or in the office via calls, as well as listening to your iPhone playlist or morning commute podcast. Connecting wireless may be a big feature for Apple fans, especially since rumors concerning no headphone jack on the iPhone 7 may be factual. The Bluetooth/amp module will last for 6 hours with a full charge and extends up to 30 feet.

Button Control System

The button control system can be used via clicks or voice activation. It offers users seven controls, including volume, call engagement, forward, rewind, play, stop, pause, and the popular voice control click. You can connect with SIRI or Cortana without having to stop what you are doing. The button control system is also placed for convenience, keeping the standard control button out of your face and away form your neck.

iPhone 7 Hoodie: 5 Features That Make Apple Music Fans Happy Clapway

Easy Maintenance and Usability

The usability of the HIODY also extends to taking the inner tech workings of the hoodie in and out. In roughly 30 seconds, you can have your speakers and tech accessories out of the hoodie and ready for laundry day. The hood boasts a three-panel construction that keeps headphones in perfect position for maximized sound. There is a zipper in the hood, zippers for pockets, and straps to keep your iPhone safe and secure.

Features Apple Simply Forgot

The anticipated launch of new Apple products is always an anxiety-filled event for Apple enthusiasts around the world. Lines outside stores extend around corners, with many people spending nights on the street to get their hands on the next generation anything. The iPhone 7 has been getting some not so pleasant reviews, even though it has yet to hit the streets. Rumors of it lacking the “wow” factor in its features may be cause for concern. But you can always purchase accessories like the HIODY hoodie to enhance your Apple, or smartphone experience. It could also keep you warm while waiting for days outside an Apple storefront.