Photos of Alien Base on Moon Released

Photos of Alien Base on Moon Released Clapway

Are we alone in the universe? If you browse the wealth of UFO sightings on YouTube, you may think we are certainly not alone in the universe. However, people often see only what they wish to when looking at NASA footage of the moon. Or videos of strange anomalies in the sky. A new video by thirdphaseofmoon suggests that alien pyramids are in fact on the moon’s surface. Are these pyramids still housing alien life? Or, are they simply a moon rock shaped like a pyramid?

Ancient Alien Egyptians

The thirdphaseofmoon video begins with catchy music and a picture of the Egyptian pyramids with an odd streak of lighted alien orbs above it. The Egyptian pyramids have long been discussed as alien tech shared with humans on Earth. Many ancient Egyptian pictures show strange beings that could be from another planet, but the same could be said for the current society trends as well. Someone in the future may look at the fashion of today and think aliens. Another photo in the video shows a dome-like structure on the moon. As well as a cube orbiting the sun.

NASA Rushing to the Moon and Mars

The recent space race to the moon and Mars has been heating up lately. Even private space companies like SpaceX are investing loads of money into launching humans off of Earth. If you don’t believe in aliens, you may want to take a closer look at upcoming NASA missions. They have been planning a 2020 mission to Mars, and searching for ancient civilizations is on their to-do-list. Maybe NASA knows something about the life on other planets and the moon that many of us don’t know. Or simply can’t believe. The billion dollar annual budgets of NASA and China may be spent searching for aliens. And there may be a reason behind their future space missions.

Archaeology vs. Pseudo-Archaeology

Archaeological evidence of the pyramids leans more toward human-made. Rather than some alien technology passed on to humans. They suggest that pseudo-archaeologists often have a role to play in many of the Egyptian pyramid misconceptions. They simply cannot rationalize such great things being crafted by the hands of humans. So they search for other explanations for the many wonders of the world. Is it possible that evidence of aliens in the pyramids has been covered up? It could happen, but not likely. Archaeologists involved in such a find would most certainly share it with the public. Simply because fame and funding would follow such a discovery.