UFO Captured by ISS Live Cam; NASA Cut Feed

UFO Captured by ISS Live Cam; NASA Cut Feed Clapway

The International Space Station (ISS) live feed catches UFO flyby. The video discussing the UFO flyby of the ISS is among the many UFO sighting videos on YouTube. Could this actually be a real UFO caught by NASA cameras deep in space? The footage clearly shows a strange object, which could be called an unidentified flying object come toward the ISS and then slip away. It may simply be a reflection off of the camera lens. Or aliens are checking in on NASA. On a far away planet, aliens might be watching the same footage of the ISS, discussing life on other planets as well.

UFO Video Boom

There have been a lot of new UFO videos recently. It could be that the NASA missions and ISS live feed are promoting more speculation to aliens. Maybe we are not alone in the universe? Nonetheless, it is interesting to watch and listen to the boom in alien inspired videos drifting through YouTube space. There was also footage of a flickering orb streaming through the Texas sky on the YouTube video produced by thirdphaseofmoon, which has more than 300,000 subscribers.

NASA Cover-ups from ISS

If clear UFO footage did exist, it is likely that NASA would simply cut it, since the “live” cam from the ISS is surely on a delay. NASA has been known to be secretive, but maybe not because of aliens. The space race offers countries the unique opportunity to spy on each other and steal secret space tech. The space industry is a multi-billion dollar business. The ISS is proof of the money from tax dollars launched directly into space. If aliens did stop by the ISS one day to borrow some sugar, NASA would surely keep it quiet.

Is Space Exploration Worth It?

Why are humans so eager to leave Earth and live on another planet, or the moon? Governments around the world seem to be increasing space exploration efforts at any cost. The Mars rover Curiosity has been traversing Mars for years. China is planning a big lunar mission, as well as a mission to Mars. And SpaceX is looking to cash in on the space cow too with nearly half its funding coming from NASA. Is the Earth about to implode? Money spent on space exploration could have a bigger impact on the planet, rather than off of it. There may be a reason aliens refuse to land a UFO on Earth.