NASA Captured Images of Alien Humanoid on Mars

NASA Captured Images of Alien Humanoid on Mars Clapway

Images of a blue lake have been found on the surface of Mars. NASA experts are confused, but what seem to be even stranger is the apparent sighting of a humanoid alien walking along the red planet. Is this just a hoax or does the space agency have some explaining to do?


According to a new Google Maps image of mars, UFO Channel thridphaseofthemoon has pointed out a blue lake on the surface of the red planet. NASA has not made any formal statement regarding the lake. Perhaps they are trying to hide the presence of alien life on the planet or perhaps this sighting is simply a mistake. Either way, someone has some explaining to do. Aside from the apparent lake, another mystery seems to be lurking around.


As the video shows, when one zooms in on a certain image of Mars, a peculiar image appears. With the right mindset, it almost seems like a human like alien is standing right there on Mars. Now, this could very well be inaccurate. The image is hardly high definition. It’s a pixelated mess and could easily be digitally constructed by anyone with a computer. That being said, it’s best to have an open mind with alien sightings such as this. After all, who can one really trust? Between crazy UFO hunters and disgusting government agencies, we are really left to form our own conclusions here. Well, one thing that really is for certain is that a humanoid will someday exist on Mars. Not an alien one, though, a human constructed robot.


A development between NASA and the University of Edinburgh has just been released. Meet Valkyrie. A nearly six-foot-tall humanoid that may someday help build and maintain a colony of humans on the red planet. NASA plans to send Valkyrie there before the first manned missions in the 2030’s The humanoid is one of only three prototypes in the world and scientists are working to improve its handling and maneuverability. Eventually, the humanoid will be able to interact closely with NASA astronauts and other machines in high-risk areas. Certainly the red planet is one of those so looks like Valkyrie will be right at home.