NYPD and LAPD to Use Tesla

NYPD and LAPD to Use Tesla Clapway

Exclusivity of police cruisers may extend to the NYPD and LAPD. Will Tesla be able to provide two of the largest police forces in the U.S. with an effective and efficient cruiser? In Italy, the 505 horsepower Alfa Romeo Giulia is solely for police use. This may be a market Tesla could get behind. Orders for new Tesla models would undoubtedly increase with NYPD and LAPD contracts. The biggest question surrounding the possible partnership is a matter of engine power and length on the road. It would be embarrassing if a Tesla police cruiser ran short of electricity during a vital police chase.

Italy’s model for NYPD and LAPD

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is being made exclusively for the Italian police. A symbol of luxury and class, Alfa Romeo is hoping to add a bit of style to police cruisers. The automaker supplied two 2017 Quadrifoglio (QV) models to Carabinieri, Italy’s national police force. The Giulia QV is equipped with a twin turbo, 2.9 liter, six-cylinder engine that can reach 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. These Alfa Romeo police cruisers will be used as rapid response cruisers for emergencies. The officers who will be driving these 505 horsepower QVs will need to attend a special driving school held by Alfa Romeo prior to patrolling the streets. Alfa Romeo is not a popular automaker in the U.S., but Tesla may be able to fill similar shoes for the NYPD and LAPD.

Tesla Police Cruiser Models

Coming up with a Tesla police cruiser model may be simpler than you would think. The Tesla Model S would be a natural choice for the NYPD and LAPD. The Model S is one of the safest vehicles ever made. It can also reach 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. This would make their police cruiser far superior when compared to the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV model in Italy. The Model S also comes with an autopilot feature that may be useful for the NYPD and LAPD. Many police forces in the U.S. also rely on SUVs, making the Tesla Model X a perfect choice as well. The Model X 90 kWh battery allows for a 250-mile range, and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. Still faster than the Alfa Romeo police cruiser. Tesla could find a sizable market servicing police forces across the country.

Could Electric Police Cruisers Work?

Could Tesla Motors find LAPD and NYPD branding? The electrically minded automaker would need to design a police cruiser with a wider mileage range. It would be more likely to see Tesla police cruisers in New York since the range is lower. The LAPD may find the mileage range of a Model S or Model X insufficient for the wider patrolling area. There is no doubt that the 0 to 60 speeds are better, even for the SUV version. All electric police cruisers could be an interesting site to see, but there is plenty of red tapes that would need to be navigated to get them on the road.